Cookie Guide

Cookie Guide


Atlasbalans uses cookies on their websites as described below. By allowing cookies in your browser and continuing to use Atlasbalans’ websites you give your consent for us to use cookies according to this policy and to the underlying Privacy Policy (when applicable).

You can turn off the or change the use of cookies in your browser at any time. If you disable or refuse cookies, please note that some parts of our websites may become inaccessible or not function properly.

As you visit a site that use cookies you should get information about:

  • the usage of cookies on the website;
  • who is using the cookies;
  • what the cookies are used for; and
  • how you as a user can avoid cookies.

It is also important to have the opportunity to give your consent when you use a website. You should in addition have the choice to refuse the use of cookies. In your browser settings you can choose to activate and deactivate cookies.

What are cookies and how are they used?

Cookies are small text files that get sent and stored on your device (computer, mobile phone and tablet). The usage of cookies are common on most websites to make sure that you as a user get the most out of the site. There are also cookies that makes it easier for you to use the website and improve your user experience.

There are two types of cookies, persistent and temporary (so-called session cookies). Persistent cookies are stored on your device during a longer period of time but it has an expiration date. These cookies can be used to adjust the website to your demands and interests. They can also be used to tell the website about changes that were made since your last visit to the website. The stored cookie is removed from your device the next time you visit the website if the expiration date has passed. Session cookies have no expiration date and are only stored temporarily on your device. They are removed as soon as you close your browser. Session cookies can for exemple keep track of which language you choose.


Examples for what cookies can be used for:

  • When you log on to a website a cookie is placed on your device. That cookie is sent to the next page you visit and can therefore keep track of your username and password when you sign in. Because of that cookie you don’t have to sign in on every new page.
  • A cookie can be placed on a website to keep track of what products you put in the shopping cart.
  • To let you as a user tailor-make your own user experience, for example by keeping track of what language you choose or what font size you prefer.
  • A cookie can be used to remember that you entered a survey and stop you from entering the same survey again.
  • To register what users visited a website and with that information be able to make advertisement or personalised content for specific users. Many of the cookies used to make personalised ads are third party cookies.
  • Cookies can be used to get statistics and learn more about your target audience. Many of the cookies used to get statistics are third party cookies.

Why do Atlasbalans use cookies?

We use cookies to give a more personalised user experience to our users and customers. For example we use cookies so that you as a user are able to log in to our website and save your username and password. With that cookie you won’t have to type them in every time you visit the website.

We also use cookies to keep track on our statistics. For example we can see where our customers and users comes from, measure the websites performance and make retargeting ads.

What type of cookies does Atlasbalans use?

It is possible to divide the cookies in categories depending on their function:

  • Required cookies make our website work as intended. That kind of cookie can identify you as a customer and make your sign in or purchase process easier.
  • Cookies to personalise the website and make it user friendly. For example it makes it possible to present offers you’ve shown an interest in by the way you used our website. It also helps us to keep the website and our services updated.
  • Promotion cookies are often third party cookies and are used in collaboration with service providers to Atlasbalans. The purpose of those third party cookies could be to personalise the marketing and communication we send you based on how you interact with our website and ads.

Our websites level of user friendliness and therefore your user experience could risk being decreased if you choose to block any of these cookies.

Do you want to avoid cookies?

Cookies are not used to harm your device and most browsers allow cookies by default. If you do not want to allow cookies you can set your browser to refuse all or some cookies, or alert you when websites set or use cookies. More information on how to change these settings can be received from your browser provider.

There are third party cookies that Atlasbalans can not control. These cookies are turned off on each cookie providers website where you will also find information on how to deactivate them.

If you disable or refuse cookies, please note that some parts of our websites may become inaccessible or not function properly.

Consent to use cookies

You are giving your consent for Atlasbalans to use cookies in accordance to this cookie policy by having your browser set to allow cookies and continuing to use the Atlasbalans websites.

Questions and contact information

If you have any questions about our cookie policy please contact us at [email protected] or send us a letter to Atlasbalans AB, Bokvägen 17, 19141 Sollentuna, Sweden.