Professor Karl E Arfors & Fascia Innovation expand their health collaboration

In connection with today’s article ”Aortan föryngrad 50 år – bytte socker mot rödbetsjuice” i Svenska Dagbladet  about how Professor Karl E Arfors changed his diet and became 50 years younger, we would like to take this opportunity to express how delighted we are with our collaboration with Karl.

At 80 years young, he still possesses an outstanding hunger and curiosity, a determination to further understand the body, which is truly fascinating.

We have recently completed a production together with Karl Arfors, which will be published shortly. Just yesterday, he participated as an expert in a meeting discussing a potential future solution for a common public health issue.

“It’s amazing to see an 80-year-old professor who is open-minded, thinks innovatively, and remains receptive to new ideas. With all the knowledge and expertise Karl possesses, he is still willing to question what he knows in order to see things from a different perspective, and that’s truly fantastic. He has guided me into the world of research, and together we have made many intriguing discoveries.”

– Hans Bohlin, CEO of Fascia Innovation

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