New education with a focus on Fascia and new research

Fascia Innovation is launching a new professional training/specialist program based on the accumulated experiences of over 50 professional therapists and the latest advances in anatomical research.

“Through our international network of both therapists and researchers, we not only gain access to the latest insights into how the body functions but also how to apply it in practical treatment,” says Axel Bohlin, Education Manager at Fascia Innovation.

New research on Fascia, the network of connective tissue that surrounds everything in the body, has shaken the entire anatomical research world, and new discoveries are published every year.

To collect and disseminate new knowledge about fascia in a simple way, Fascia Innovation has in recent years gathered both researchers and therapists in an international network with the goal of sharing knowledge and experiences.

Last fall, Osteopath Åke Renman was tasked with compiling this into a new professional training program with the aim of providing students with everything they need to professionally help people achieve better health – today and in the future.

The training program is expected to start in the spring of 2019, but already now, one can enroll in the first step, an introductory course in the form of a weekend workshop and self-study.

Interview with Osteopath Åke Renman

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