What is Fascia?

  • Currently, a global revolution is underway in anatomical research, fundamentally changing our understanding of the human body.
  • It’s about Fascia, the network of connective tissue without a beginning or end, that envelops everything in the body, from muscles and skeleton to organs and cells.
  • Fascia has been found to have a much greater significance for health, discomfort and pain than we previously thought.
  • The video above provides a brief introduction to the subject and includes interviews with prominent figures such as world-renowned Italian fascia researcher Carla Stecco, a professor of anatomy.
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    ”Now we have a scope which looks at the living tissue and it doesn’t look like what we thought”

    –Neil Thiese, Professor of Pathology

How can Fascia bring about a new way of treating and preventing issues?

From a Fascia perspective, the focus is not solely on the specific problem and attempting to solve it.

Instead, the approach starts from the opposite direction – identifying the fundamental blockage in the flow, the underlying pressure that the body cannot handle, and the primary imbalances and compensations that affect both the flow and structure.

A holistic perspective is absolutely necessary in this context. Pressure can arise from a physical impact, but it can also stem from trauma, thought patterns, nutritional deficiencies, or a destructive lifestyle.

While it may sound straightforward in theory to identify the blockage and pressure, it can be more challenging in practice.

Since 2010, we have been dedicated to identifying and resolving the root issues, and this way of thinking forms the foundation of all Fascia Innovations activities.

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    “The way of thinking about our anatomy & bodies is of course changing”

    –Jean Claude Guimberteau, Specialized Surgeon

What happens when Fascia gains recognition?

In the fall of 2022, Fascia was being mentioned in completely new ways and in entirely new contexts. Football icons discussed Fascia on TV, Fascia appeared on Wikipedia, and several newspapers began writing about Fascia and how new research provides new explanations for issues like back pain and Frozen Shoulder.

Furthermore, the Fascaiguiden podcast doubled its number of listeners.

While widespread breakthrough may still be some way off, what happens WHEN Fascia gains recognition?

Ecosystem of businesses within the Fascia field

The Fascia Guide

The Fascia Guide is the worlds largest site about Fascia and Fascia Research with the purpose to give people knowledge of the body in a simple way.

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Fascia Academy

Fascia Academy is an educational platform offering both digital and physical courses in Fascia knowledge and Fascia treatment for both individuals and professionals

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Life Force Innovation

The Life Force Innovation Foundation works towards innovative health solutions that enhance life and supports both research projects and new innovations.

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Fascia Healthcare

Fascia Healthcare provides innovative healthcare solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of conditions such as Whiplash, frozen shoulder, and lower back pain.

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Fascia Clinics

Fascia Clinics is a website for people seeking professional help with problems like low back pain and for those interested in improving their physical condition.

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Fasciashop.se is an e-commerce platform that provides high-quality dietary supplements and other Fascia-related products

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Fascia Natal

Fascia Natal pairs up birthing women with professional treatment, advice, and support both before, during, and after childbirth.

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Fascia Natal Guide

The Fascia Natal Guide is there to give women knowledge about what happens to their body during pregnancy and the power to influence their own childbirth.

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Fascia Horse

Fascia Horse tillhandahåller effektiv behandling för friska & hållbara hästar och kunskap om hästens välmående på ett enkelt sätt

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Fascia Dog

Fascia Dog brings together professional therapists who help dogs stay active, relaxed, and full of energy through fascia treatment.

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Since 2010, Atlasbalans has been delivering award-winning treatment equipment to over a thousand professional actors within health and wellness.

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Swedish Fascia Vibes

Fascia Vibes brings together hundreds of therapists from different professions who perform Deep Wave treatment with Atlasbalans machines.

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Fascia Spa

Fascia Spa is a treatment concept for increased relaxation and well-being, with patented treatment equipment and Swedish-made oils.

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Fascia Golf Center

Fascia Golf Center is for golfers who want to keep their body in good shape and prevent problems, or experience pain and want to get better.

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