Fascia fitness for athletes

Fascia Golf Center is for golfers who want to keep their body in good shape and prevent problems, or experience pain and want to get better.

At the Fascia Golf Center, quality-assured Fascia therapists work with effective and gentle treatment based on the latest research on how the body works.

Many Fascia therapists are also specialists in treatment of back pain, neck problems, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and runner’s knee.

Common to all Fascia therapists is that they work with Swedish Fascia Vibes – a new effective and gentle fascia treatment that increases mobility and relaxation, improves circulation and increases fluid flow.

Interview with Carl Suneson, professional golfer

Why does Fascia treatment give such good results?

The research of recent years shows that Fascia has a much greater importance for health, aches and pains than we previously thought.

Fascia is a network of connective tissue that surrounds everything throughout the body. This is where most of our pain receptors are located and Fascia accounts for more than a third of the musculoskeletal system.

If the Fascia is damaged, sticks together or becomes inflamed, we experience pain, difficulty in moving and our ability to recover is impaired.

Fascia is affected by age, genotype, diseases, medication, diet, social stress, sleep, air pollution, psychological stress etc. Therefore, it is important for people who want to improve performance to go for regular fascia treatment.

Video: Fascia – a New Anatomical Perspective

How a treatment works

  • With a therapist from Fascia Golf Center, you receive professional treatment where you evaluate your current situation and determine the goal of the treatment.
  • The treatment is adapted to you as an individual and is carried through in accordance with your needs.
  • The therapist follows up your treatment with tips and guidance, so you stay in shape and prevent injuries.

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