Innovative healthcare solutions

  • Fascia Healthcare provides innovative healthcare solutions for diagnosing and treating conditions such as Whiplash, frozen shoulder, and lower back pain
  • Fascia Innovation combines a new anatomical perspective, treatment methodology based on science & proven experience, and a world-class development team.
  • New projects are constantly being developed, and on this page, you will find a description of what is currently happening.

Current projects

Fascia – a new anatomical perspective

  • The latest years’ research shows that Fascia has a much greater significance for health, discomfort, and pain than previously believed.
  • There is also a connection between pain and chronic inflammation, the densification of collagen structures (fascia), and the restructuring of hyaluronic acid (fascia) that occurs under pressure (e.g., from falls or collisions).
  • By combining a new anatomical perspective, a better understanding of pain and inflammation, and new technology for diagnosis and treatment, there is now a new way to diagnose and treat individuals with conditions such as Whiplash, Frozen Shoulder, and lower back pain.

Scientifically proven method

  • In 2019, a research study was published showing that this type of treatment could potentially be a good solution for patients with Frozen Shoulder – another condition linked to Fascia, pain, and chronic inflammation.
  • 87% experienced increased mobility of 30 degrees or more, 52% experienced 60 degrees or more, and 30% achieved full mobility.
  • With the help of thermography, it was also possible to observe inflammation before and after treatment – something that can be used to diagnose inflammation more easily and cost-effectively than d-dye testing.
  • In 2022, a documentary was made about the study featuring Dr. Håkan Borg

Experienced research and development team

Hans Bohlin, Innovator
Camilla Ranje Nordin, Animal agronomist & Fascia expert
Per Johansson, Doctor of Human Ecology
Axel Bohlin, Project management / Business automation
Åke Renman, Doctor of Osteopathy, course instructor
Cecilia Frank, Vidual identity
Nikolaus Frank, Industrial design
Ari Hakala, Hardware engineer
Krister Sjölander, Software engineer
Håkan Borg, Doctor & researcher
Prof. Karl Arfors, Doctor & researcher
Dr. Heike Jäger, Neurophysiologist & researcher

Fascia Whiplash Center

A new way to understand and treat Whiplash

  • Thousands of people in Sweden are affected by Whiplash injuries each year.
  • Whiplash is difficult to diagnose, and there is no effective treatment available
  • Now, there is a new anatomical perspective and innovative solutions for diagnosis and treatment.

The solution

  • Utilizing existing equipment for assessing mobility, balance, and posture with images before and after (Fascia diagnosis).
  • Inflammation diagnosis using thermography through ThermoHuman, a medically certified system used by elite sports clubs, including FC Barcelona.
  • Treatment with patented treatment machines and proven treatment methods.
  • Conceptualization of treatment process and diagnostic method for large-scale implementation (multiple whiplash centers).

What could the Fascia Whiplash Center potentially entail?

  • Whiplash injuries are not just a problem in Sweden but worldwide.
  • Good diagnosis and treatment would help numerous people globally who are experiencing pain.
  • Economic benefits for individuals, insurance companies, and society at large.
  • First-mover’s advantage for those who act quickly