”Great way to help people get pain-free” Swedish therapist about fascia vibes treatment

Lotta Tellner has been working with Swedish Fascia Vibes since 2014. At the UK Launch in May 2019 she gave an interview about how it is to work with the machine and how she by treating fascia can help people with for example low back pain, fibromyalgia, frozen shoulder and muscle tensions.

Lotta Tellner about Swedish Fascia Vibes

I’ve had great results with the machine! I can really help people, horses and dogs to be pain-free, in a very simple way. I don’t think you can reach the deepest of the deepest in their body because it’s so heavy for the therapist body and fingers. So when I saw the machine I thought, that is my machine!

You have fascia everywhere in your body and you can treat it from the opposite side – that’s how you release the pain on the other side. For example one of my patients she had fibromyalgia and when she came to me she couldn’t even go to work because her whole body was so painful and aching. So she was mostly laying down in her bed but after going several times of treatment- now she’s back to work. / Lotta Tellner

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