Research: New treatment for Frozen Shoulder

  • Frozen Shoulder is a mobility disorder affecting 2-5 % of the population. Since there is no conventional treatment patients have to wait for it to heal itself in 2-3 years.
  • However, around hundred patients with Frozen Shoulder has successfully tried a new Fascia treatment based on new research and new modern technology
  • A research study published in 2019 shows that this type of treatment could be a possible solution for patients suffering from Frozen Shoulder

The mission is to reduce sick leave and giving back quality of life to thousands of people in pain

Frozen shoulder is a movement disorder which affects around 2-5 % of the population and there is no official cure and the disorder hopefully heals on its own after two to three years.

Someone suffering from Frozen Shoulder is in constant pain. Mobility becomes limited and consequently quality of life.

Everyday activities which others take for granted, such as showering, putting on clothes and cooking becomes an entire project, with pain as a constant companion.

In the study Can Myofascial Treatment with Pulsating Vibrations Improve Mobility for
Patients with Frozen Shoulder? the authors investigates if Fascia treatment with harmonic pulsations (Swedish Fascia Vibes) can increase mobility for patients with Frozen Shoulder.

23 patients diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder were included in the study. The result showed that 87 percent got an increased Range of motion (ROM) by 30 degrees or more, that 52 percent of the patients improved ROM by 60 degrees or more, and that 30 percent regained full ROM

The study indicates that this treatment could possibly improve ROM and well-being for patients with Frozen Shoulder. A validated treatment of Frozen Shoulder could mean great socioeconomic benefits and an increased quality of life for patients diagnosed with Frozen Shoulder.

Now we hope that larger institutions are interested in doing further studies to evaluate and validate these findings.

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