Fascia Innovation is developing a new standard in well-being

Interview with Fascia Innovation CEO Hans Bohlin after being acknowledged as member of the month by the German-Swedish chamber of commerce

The family run Swedish company Fascia Innovation delivers high-quality equipment, training and concepts in health and wellness. The award winning treatment tools are based on the latest research and optimized for Fascia treatment. In an interview CEO Hans Bohlin explains why the Fascia is so important and how Fascia treatment is key to developing a new standard in well-being.

Your idea is to help people with their long term well-being – tell us more about your products and services

The heart of Fascia Innovation is Swedish Fascia Vibes, a new way of treating symptoms like low back pain and frozen shoulder. Treatment is performed with award winning treatment tools, based on the latest anatomical research and optimized for advanced Fascia Treatment.

The machines creates harmonic pulsations which spreads throughout the body, effectively and gently increasing mobility and relaxation, improving circulation and increasing fluid flow.

In Sweden, this has helped tens of thousands of people with conditions like low back pain, tennis elbow and neck pain.

In 2019, a research study was published showing that the treatment could be used to help people with Frozen Shoulder, a movement disorder that affects about 2-5 percent of the population and that until now has lacked effective treatment.

In recent years there has been a lot of buzz around the so called Fascia. What is Fascia and why do you consider it so important for well-being?

Recent research shows that fascia is way more important for health and well-being than previously believed.

Fascia is a network of connective tissue, with no beginning and no end, encapsulating everything in the body, all the muscles, the skeleton, all the organs, there is Fascia around every cell in the body.

The Fascia is one third of our entire bio-mechanics, most of our pain receptors are located in the Fascia and almost all of the bodys intercommunication uses this network of connective tissue.

If the layers of Fascia sticks together or become inflamed, it can decrease our mobility and cause pain. This stiffening process happens every day, as our bodys are under constant pressure. Our ability to load and unload this pressure is affected by numerous factors including age, genotype, diseases, medication, nutrition, exercise, pollution, sleep and stress.

In the modern society, our body is perhaps under more pressure than never before. Therefore, you could argue that everyone could benefit from regular Fascia treatment.

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