Inflammation in Fascia causes low back pain

New research explains causes of low back pain

A seminar about low back pain, new research, fascia and inflammation with Dr. Heike Jäger from the Fascia Research Center in Ulm, Germany, Professor Karl E Arfors, Honorary Doctor at Uppsala University, Sweden, and Hans Bohlin, innovator and Fascia-expert

  • Why do we get low back pain? Since 2012 innovator Hans Bohlin and Professor Karl E Arfors has been searching for answers.
  • Even though they found ways to remove back pain through fascia treatment – they wanted to know how and why. What happens in the body, what are the causes of low back pain?
  • After reading hundreds of research reports, primarily about inflammation and Fascia they got in contact with German neurophysiologist and Fascia researcher Dr. Heike Jäger.
  • The results of the collaboration was presented in Stockholm in May 2017.

A story about the seminar, new research and new ways of treating low back pain

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